How the Digital Delivery of Music Changed their Industry

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  2. March 6, 2013 2:43 pm

How the Digital Delivery of Music Changed their Industry

How Digital Delivery Changed the Way We See Music

The way people get their music has changed significantly during the last few decades. Compact discs have made cassettes largely obsolete by the new millennium, but even CDs have now been largely replaced by digital music downloads. This phenomenon began when MP3 players started getting more popular and were replacing CD players. Soon after, other devices, like mobile phones and tablet PCs also had the ability to play different forms of media, such as movies and music. Services such as iTunes were launched, which allow Internet users to buy individual songs or complete albums and listen to them on any compatible device.

There are numerous advantages to digital music downloads for consumers, artists and music industry professionals. People no longer have to go to the record store to buy their favorite music album. When they buy music, it is instantly delivered to their device without having to wait for anything to be shipped to them. In most cases, one doesn’t have to download an entire album, but can instead choose which songs they want to get. All of this makes getting music faster and more convenient.

For those who make music, digital downloads are an excellent way to get their songs delivered to their fans. Various online distribution platforms make it very easy for artists to post their creations and either sell them, or give them away for free. Artists also have the option of making their songs freely downloadable and accepting donations from fans who like what they’ve created. Digital music download platforms thus allow independent artists who otherwise would remain largely unknown to reach out to millions of potential fans on the Internet.

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